Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Why wearing mask causing you skin problems and how to fix it

If you are experiencing breakouts or rashes around your mouth and nose area, the cause might be wearing your mask for too long. We ought to continue wearing a mask when we leave the house due to the pandemic, so it is not much you can do except to follow some of the recommended practices below:

Practice good oral hygiene

Do you know that our mouth contains lots of germs and bacteria? By breathing out into your mask, you might transmit the germs and bacteria onto your face area. 

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, it is time for you to start doing so. Remember to floss every night so that you don’t have food stuck in between your teeth. These cause your teeth to decay and also breed bacterias. 

Frequently gargle your mouth with mouth wash is also an effective way to kill bacterias and germs in your mouth. 

Wearing a primer before your foundation

A face primer acts as a shield in between the foundation and your skin. It also keeps your foundation in place for longer hours. If you frequently user a primer, you will notice that acne gradually disappear (provided you choose the right primer). Here are some primers that I’ve tried and I think they’re generally good for all skin types: 

Wearing a setting powder/setting spray to minimize foundation transfer to your mask

Besides primer, setting powder or setting spray also plays an important role to protect your skin. While primer functions as your base protection, setting powder or spray helps to protect your skin from external aggression. As the name mentioned, it helps you to set your foundation. It’s more apt than ever for you to use a setting powder/spray so as not to get your foundation transferred to your mask. 

What’s the big deal of foundation being transferred on to the mask anyway? Foundation stain is one of the best breeding ground for bacterias, even so on your mask surface due to the damp condition. 

Here are the highly raved loose powder that you should check out. I'm currently using the Laura Mercier one:

Skip the lipstick

There’s no need to elaborate further on this. But if you insist on wearing lipstick, make sure you choose lipsticks that don’t transfer such as Lip Tint, Lip Tattoo, or in some cases, Matte Lipstick. I would recommend for you to try these kiss-proof lipsticks if you must have your lipstick done: 

Maximize your skin night routine

The most crucial thing to have good skin regardless you're wearing a mask or not is to have a proper night skin routine. Always double cleanse even if you don't put on your makeup and exfoliate/deep cleanse your skin at least twice a week. For recovery and maintenance, use power serum as frequent as you can. These power serum are pricey, but they work wonders in repairing you skin condition. 


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