Sunday, November 7, 2021

2021 Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar (Malaysia Edition)

Typically, Malaysia does not get the stock for Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar, unless there is additional leftover stock. Only a few brands do the advent calendar sale in Malaysia. However, we see growth, more beauty brands are bringing their advent calendar into the Malaysian market. 

Here are some of the advent calendars you may get in Malaysia, with no promises though, as they are extremely limited. 


On the top of my beauty advent calendar list, it has always been Dior. The structure of the advent calendar from Dior has always been the building of their flagship store at Avenue Montaigne every year. But each year is designed differently. 

I will blog about this as I have collected the advent calendar from Dior 2 days ago.


This is the first year that Chanel beauty joins the advent calendar bandwagon. Retail at RM3090, it is by far the most expensive advent calendar in the market. However, the content is a joke in comparison with its price. There is only a handful of beauty products and half of it contain stickers, bookmarks, and other fillers that don't worth your money. The actual price of the products only if you purchase them separately is about RM2000+. The packaging and those knick-knacks cost you around RM1000.

Although I love Chanel, I am definitely skipping this advent calendar. Hopefully next year Chanel will release something that makes more sense. Nonetheless, for the rich & fans of Chanel, this can be a fun collectible.


I love the Benefit advent calendar - usually deluxe-sized makeups that are enough for you to sample their bestsellers. This year they have downsized from the 24 items to the 12 items advent calendar. 

The packaging is so cute and so apt as a gift for teenage girls that just testing out makeups for the first time. Available at Sephora.

Bobbi Brown

This year's Bobbi Brown advent calendar is a good option to get. Most of the makeups are in full-sized and skincare is deluxe-sized. It has a perfect balance of lipsticks, skincare, blusher, brushes, and it is the first time I'm seeing an eyeshadow palette in an advent calendar. 

The Body Shop

There are three options of advent calendar that you can choose from in The Body Shop with different prices, packaging, and content. I think it is nice that the brand takes a new approach by giving options on their advent calendar. 


I am eyeing the Diptyque advent calendar. As of the time of writing this post, I can't seem to find it in Malaysia yet. Since Kens Apothecary is the only distributor of Diptyque in Malaysia, I have been following their website religiously so I don't miss this out. 

If you love fragrances, do not miss this one. It comes with a 2021 limited edition candle too! 


Clarin's advent calendar content is also a good snatch for those who want to try out their product. But overall, I think there's a lack of excitement because almost every year the content of the product is the same. 

If you are an avid Clarins user, you'd probably have all the products in full-size already. 


I'm not a fan of Clinique, but the advent calendar offered does entice me to get it. It has all the bestselling skincare in deluxe size, which is adequate to try out to see if the skincare works for me. And they throw in some makeup products as well. 

Cult Beauty

For those who don't want the boring advent calendar, you can purchase the Cult Beauty version. Cult Beauty is an online beauty product distributor in the UK (similar to Sephora), and the advent calendar features a variety of brands including Fresh, Laura Mercier, Too Faced, etc. Not only you'll get to try out different brands, the content has a balanced combination of skincare, makeup, fragrance and there is also a home candle. 

This is by far the most exciting advent calendar. Available at Cult Beauty

Huda Beauty

I don't remember Huda Beauty has an advent calendar, if I'm not mistaken, this would be the first year for the brand. The packaging is in the distinguished shape of a lip that Huda Beauty is known for. 

I am really thrilled to be able to get this (possibly available at Sephora) because it has three eyeshadow palettes! It also comes with a pair of eyelashes that Huda Beauty is famous for. 

Jo Malone

In past history, Jo Malone's advent calendar has been a show-stopper. This year, the packaging comes in a form of a trunk drawer that can be reused for multiple purposes. It has 24 products with a combination of cologne, candle, body wash, hand cream, etc. Traditionally, Jo Malone fragrances can be layered with each other to create different scents. This advent calendar is a good experiment pack for fragrance lovers. 

In my opinion, this is a great gift.


When I look at Kiehl's advent calendar, it is the same sentiment I have with Clarins. It is a repeated style year after year. The deluxe products are often given out to Kiehl's members on every purchase, so there is a lack of excitement. 

La Mer

La Mer is well known for its luxury standard and price. By offering sample sizes advent calendar is an opportunity for those been wanting to try out their products. This retails at RM2300 with products worth more than RM3200. 


The Lancome advent calendar is really cute. As you open the seal, it reveals the Eiffel Tower in the center of the box, with the mini boxes that resemble buildings in Paris. 

The content is also balancing the different types of products from Lancome. As of writing this post, my friend informed me that this advent calendar is been sold out in Malaysia.


Just like The Body Shop, L'Occitane has three different options of advent calendar too. The two classic advent calendars are pretty basic. However, the eco-friendly pocket calendar is worth getting. The products came with a hanging pocket that can be reused as regular storage. It is made of recycled and sustainable materials. Illustrated by Kitty McCall, the pocket advent calendar is truly a collectible item. 


If I had a bathtub, I would get the LUSH advent calendar. It contains mostly bath & shower products, with a few other fragrance items. This retails at RM1299 and still available in store and online

There is another 12-day version that costs RM583 also available for now. 


I don't recall M.A.C. has any previous advent calendar, but this year is done well. If you are a makeup junkie, this is a good one to try. The selection color is also well thought of, that they can match any occasion and even for daily makeup. 


Another cute advent calendar is the O.P.I. version. If you love nail polishes, this is recommended to get. However, from my previous experience with the mini O.P.I. bottle, it was a flop. The brush is too small and doesn't reflect the true quality of O.P.I. brushes. The result is streaky nail polish on the nail. Not to mention, it is so hard to paint with the mini brush. I also notice the mini nail polish dries up really fast. Within a month or two I couldn't use the mini nail polish.

Although I recommend purchasing this for the fun of it, I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for quality. I also notice that they removed the full-size version. Correct me if I'm wrong, I recall previous O.P.I. advent calendar has one bottle of full size product. 


Recently Malaysia welcomed Penhaligon's perfume into our market through Escentials at KLCC. I'm not too sure if this is available in Malaysia, no harm trying to ask when you drop by the boutique. 

I really love this advent calendar as it has some limited edition home candles and the top hat keychain is oh-so-cute! Those mini perfumes also come with a string to hang as a Christmas tree ornament. 


The makeup blockbuster advent calendar goes to YSL! Look at the content of the box, it is a makeup lover haven! 

In my opinion, there are too many lipsticks and they could swap a few with an eyeshadow pod or blusher. Overall, no complaints. It is still a great advent calendar to get. 

Charlotte Tilburry

I'm watching over the Cult Beauty website every day so that I don't miss the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar. Link here.  

The packaging is beautiful and also the selection of products are all the items I wanted to try from CT. 

That's all for this year. Which advent calendar will you get and why?


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