Monday, May 3, 2021

LUSH Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb & Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar


I was so thrilled to try out the latest LUSH's Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar - Mother of Pearl and Jasmine Cream respectively. These two releases are limited edition in conjunction with Mother's Day. The bath bombs provide skin benefit (depending on the types of bath bombs you choose), meanwhile, the bubble bar gives the luscious bubble foam. So, the two have different functions, hence I put both into my bath for a self-pampering time that I deserve.

Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar (RM50)

Gently scented with a soft creamy filling, crumble under the running tap to release mounds of bubbles atop creamy white water. Jasmine and ylang-ylang fill the air while skin-softening bubbles fill the bath.

Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb (RM50)

Orchid-scented skin saviour. Run a bath and release the delicately floral scent for luxurious milky, soothing waters topped with pearlescent lustre for a bath bomb and oil in one.

This bath cost me RM100, but no regret! I love the jasmine scent lingering in my bathroom even after the bath. The Jasmine Cream has spongy-plasticky yellow ylang-ylang which I think quite irritating. Otherwise, it's all good. My skin feels velvety soft for days! I think that is the result of the bath bomb. 

Sweet dreams are made of these! Honestly, I think these bath bomb and bubble bar are just nice to have. There aren't enough bubbles as compared to my usual Bath & Body Works bubble bath shower gel. A huge disadvantage is the hefty price tag. For RM50 (each) for a single use product, is quite unreasonable. 

These releases are limited edition. If you are a fan of jasmine and orchid scent, be sure to check this out. 


Suria Amanda said... la rumah kalau ada bath tub...sis xde...can imagine kalau boleh relaxed berendam dalam bath tub ni

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