Sunday, May 30, 2021

CS12 Miracle Mask

CS12 is a well-known indie skincare brand in Hong Kong, but surprisingly it is actually a Malaysian brand. I have been seeing a lot of hype about the Miracle Mask, which is a sheet mask, especially in magazines and social media. I tried to get it sometime at the end of the year, unfortunately, it was out of stock. That resulted in me contacting the owner of the brand to reserve it for me when they have it in stock. I thought she had forgotten about my request, surprisingly, last month she contacted me and told me the mask is back in stock. 

Brand: CS12

Product name: Miracle Mask

Purchase from: Directly from CS12 website

Price: RM218

Size: 7 sheets; 30ml per sheet

Price breakdown: RM31.15 per sheet


  • It contains an actual serum that is pH-balanced and doesn't contain glycerin. The serum is very potent that you can skip applying serum after you use this mask.
  • You can leave the serum for up to 40 minutes. Compared to other sheet masks that recommended to be removed after 15 minutes, this mask seals the real deal. 
  • The mask is made of silk that is soft on the skin and does not leave folding marks after applying it for a long time. The silk is secured with two pieces of plastic and latex to lock down the benefits of the serum. It feels really luxurious when applying. 
  • Unlike other sheet masks that target different skin concern, this mask is a holistic mask where it helps improving multiple skin conditions at one time. It helps in moisturizing with its high content of hyaluronic acid, smoothen fine lines, and repair damaged skin cells.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. I also highly recommend this mask for sensitive skin because it has holistic benefits, you can skip trying other products that may agitate your skin condition and just use this. 
  • Although CS12 is a local brand, this mask is made in Germany and also FDA-approved by the U.S. standard. 


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There is really nothing bad about this mask, except that it is hard to get. You can't walk in any retail and purchase it. Since the stock is also limited (the manufacturer is able to produce a limited quantity at a time), I have to constantly stalk them on Instagram. 

One thing to note, the mask has a cooling sensation. When applied in an aircond room, it does sends a chill down to the bone. 



Suria Amanda said...

Packaging dia very the exclusive with the interesting colour..mesti bau pun best

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