Monday, April 6, 2020

Beauty Edition: 10 Things To Do During Lockdown

At this moment, the entire world is facing war with unseen forces. We're not sure when this will end, but I'm pretty sure most of you are under lockdown, movement control order, restriction of movement order, self-quarantined, circuit breaking, or whatever your country calls it.

As responsible adults, we need to help break the chain of virus infection by limiting our social contacts. Hence, staying at home is the best thing to do - not only helps to break the virus chain but also keeping yourself healthy and alive.

If you're not a homey person and constantly find activities to do at home, I have 10 recommendations to you and all involving the beauty department.

Wash your makeup brushes

If there's only one take away we get from the pandemic is to keep hygiene on the top of your list. And makeup brushes/sponges are the places that can be infected by the virus (not the Covid-19, but other viruses) and bacteria easily. Go wash your makeup brushes and sponge thoroughly. That will keep you occupy at least 1 hour from your day.

Clean your vanity area

I don't clean my vanity area that often, except a few spots like the mirror or the area where I use the most. I'm taking this time to remove all my beauty products off the rack and clean the corners where I don't touch often as well.

Toss away old beauty products

I just did this last weekend - throwing away old beauty products that hoarding the space on my vanity. There are few reasons to doing this - one, so that you won't use old (possibly expired) products on your face, two, make space for new and more efficient products and lastly, to minimize the use of products on your face. Although I'm a beauty blogger, I will always advocate on using lesser (but more efficient) products. The next post is probably going to be What's In My Trash.

Mask time

What can be a more appropriate time than putting on masks? Who am I kidding... any time is the appropriate time! However, uninterrupted mask time is much better. For those multi-layer masks, mud masks and peel-off masks, they require more time.

Try new makeup techniques/style

On ordinary days, not everyone has the time to try out new makeup techniques. Me, for instance,
I put on my daily makeup to work from Monday to Friday. When weekends arrive, I just too tired to put on any makeup and go out bare skin. This MCO got me trying new styles like the Harajuku where the blush goes under the eyes and contrast shade of blush and lipstick. I can say I'm not as good as the illustration photo below:

Try face yoga

This is something new for me. Our face is made of muscles, hence face yoga make sense to minimize fine lines. Although I'm not convinced that it can remove wrinkles, but I do think it can slower the sagging process. No harm trying. Here's a video you can check out.

Learn about skincare/makeup ingredients

One of the biggest mistakes we make when choosing our beauty products is that we do not understand the product ingredients. It took me a while to know that I am allergic to BHA. Although I don't get major breakouts from using it, it is still best to avoid it. As a blogger, I do take note of the ingredients, especially active ingredients. I'm not sure where to direct you to learn about the ingredients. I wish there is an online encyclopedia on this, unfortunately I only have hardcopy print outs that I received from my skincare class. I will take some time to blog about this.

Create capsule-products for your daily looks

If you have a large collection of beauty products like me, it can get really confusing on what to use. I practice the capsule-products where I gather the products I use most on a tray. The rest of the products will go into the cupboard (consider it as my beauty storeroom). Once I'm bored with the shades or need to change my skincare formula, I'll swap it with the ones I put aside.

Try face massage

Face massage is something I do often. Especially when I'm watching the drama, I'll grab those face jade rollers and roll it on my face. If you don't have any jade roller, you can use your fingers as well. Just remember to use face oil for this process so that you don't accidentally drag your skin and create more lines.

Body scrubbing

I've been enjoying a weekly body massage lately. I don't usually have the time to do so when I'm off-MCO. Since on the weekend I don't have much to do, I'll use up the afternoon to scrub my body. It's part of my exercise too.

Which of the activities will you be doing during your lockdown? 

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