Wednesday, May 27, 2020

10 Luxurious Hand Wash That Will Make Your Bathroom Prettier

Who would have thought that hand wash plays such an important role in our daily hygiene system? Washing our hands often helps a lot in fighting the Coronavirus, even when you are at home. With that, it doesn't hurt to invest a little on luxury handwash that will make your bathroom prettier. 

Albeit the hefty price tag, you don't have to keep buying the luxury hand wash over and over again after you run out of it. Simply clean the dispenser bottle and top up with cheaper hand wash that you can find from the grocery store. No one will know, but it will definitely make your sink more aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are the 10 luxurious hand wash that you can buy online right now. Do choose one that looks cohesive to the taste of your interior design. 


If you are familiar with the L'Occitane range, you can find the hand washes in the usual scent such as Lavender, Verbena, Shea, etc. It comes in two sizes - 500ml or 300ml. I find the 300ml packaging cuter because of the cube shape. L'Occitane also sells the refill separately so if you love the specific hand wash, you can purchase the refill pack for a more economical approach. 


I love Aesop packaging the most. It has the apothecary creative on the label which makes it sophisticated. I personally love the Ressurection Aromatique scent. I can't help but smell my hand the entire time after washing. 


In my opinion, Diptique had one of the prettiest bottles for hand wash before they changed into the current one. Nonetheless, the content is still the same. Diptique is one of the most prominent French perfumery brands, to add the French accent into your decoration, this would be your best pick. 

Root Remedies

Root Remedies is a natural skincare brand. Needless to say, the hand wash is also packed with natural goodness from plants. So far they have only one scent for their hand wash which is the Lime & Patchouli. As the name suggests, it has a refreshing scent.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop hand wash remains one of the more affordable brands compared to other luxury hand wash that we are recommending here. We think that The Body Shop is consistent with its quality and the variety of scents worth a buzz here. Besides, the different color variants make it really easy to find a hand wash that suits the color coordination of your interior. 

Jo Malone

You probably have your favorite Jo Malone scent by now. This English brand carries all the scents that they have for their hand wash. The packaging of the Jo Malone hand wash is an epitome of English flair in its design. If your interior is influenced by the English, you'll love the Jo Malone hand wash.

Grown Alchemist

I saw this Grown Alchemist hand wash from Neelofa's IG feed. Although it is not a popular brand, this indie brand has its own strong following. The bottle has a similar vibe as Aesop and Root Remedies bottle. 


Goutal is another brand that lost its charm after the rebranding from Annick Goutal, just as Diptyque. However, it is still one of the top perfumery brands in Paris. The hand wash bottle is sleek and sophisticated. I've seen it in luxury hotels before. 


Personally, I'd invest in one of the Dior hand wash because I love the brand as a whole. The hand wash bottle is designed very simple and the pump nozzle has a broad area. You will find this bottle ergonomically convenient to use. You might not find them in the typical Dior boutique, instead, you can only buy from Maison Christian Dior (the perfume house). My favourite scent is Lucky and Rose Ispahan. 

Molton Brown

The Molton Brown brand is another luxury hotel favorite pick. Molton Brown is a London-based perfume house that deeply rooted on their English heritage. This brand proudly hold a Royal Warrant, which means, the Queen is using the Molton Brown products in the palace. If it fits for the Queen, I'm pretty sure you will love it as well.


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