Monday, August 31, 2020

Trying Out La Mer Products For the First Time


This is going to be a general discussion on La Mer products, and not meant to be a specific product review. Before this, I've never tried La Mer products before, mainly because of the sky-high price tag. When the opportunity comes to try out these trial sizes, I jump upon it. The skincare set contains the whitening range. Albeit I do not need any whitening products, but this set does have some iconic La Mer products that I eager to try out.

The Cleansing Foam

La Mer has only one cleansing product (besides the Cleansing Gel), just like the SK-II. Don't be tricked by the name of the product, the texture is actually creamy and not foamy. There's hardly any bubble unless you lather it with lots of water. It cleanses off makeup, mascara, etc. very well and you can feel the difference using it compared to other cleansers. If you can afford this cleanser, it is a promising product, however I think most of us can agree with using other basic cleansers. At a price of RM385, I think I'll skip it and stick to my Hada Labo. 

The Blanc de la Mer Infusion

This product works like a toner. It gives an optimal result for the subsequent products you use. I believe this product is no longer available because I tried to look it up but it's not on the La Mer website anymore. 

The Whitening Essence Intense

This is also another product that was phased out by La Mer and replaced with their new The Brilliance Brightening Essence. However, I think only the packaging has been upgraded. I have not tried this product, as I said, I don't need any whitening focus at the moment. However, this product can be used for those who want to even out skin tone. 

The Moisturizing Soft Lotion

The "lotion" in this context is actually a moisturizer and not the Asian lotion that's in essence form. This lotion has a light texture, suitable for day wear. I enjoyed this a lot and it's one of my favourites. It absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave icky feeling as well. In terms of efficacy, if compared to the Creme de la mer, it isn't as potent. 

The Reparative Skintone Broad Spectrum SPF30

This is another product that I love. Although it has a low SPF, it is enough for office wear during the day. This product is actually a crossover between sunscreen, moisturizer, and tint. There is nothing to hate about the product since it helps me solve three problems at once. I still put on a sheer layer of foundation on top of it although it has a slight pigment. However, if you have flawless skin, you can just use this and skip the foundation.

Creme de la mer

This is the holy grail product from La Mer. If you're going to try only one product from La Mer, it has to be this. The moisturizer has a really thick consistency, almost like a mashed potato. It is THAT thick! A lot of people find that they don't suit this moisturizer because of the wrong application. Generally, you will dab some of the products on your finger and then smooth it out on your face. But for first-timer, it is advisable for you to rub the product on your palm, then gently press it on your face. A lot of skin don't receive the product well because it is too strong and immediately gets "shock" from the moisturizer. I will talk about this product more when I start to use the full-sized jar.

The Eye Balm Intense

Another product that I love! This works just like any eye cream, but I love the texture, which is similar to your vaseline. When applied to the eyes, it feels really smooth and it gives a shield of protection around the eyes. What I love the most is the immediate result. After applying at night, the next day my eyes look refreshed. Although I still haven't seen any fine lines being reduced, I have faith that this product has good potential. 

The Powder

I think this product is so unnecessary to include in the set. I suppose this powder is meant to be put on top of the Reparative Skintint to kind of set it. But the size is so mini, it is almost impossible to retrieve the product out of the ant-sized jar without causing a mess. I skipped this product and I don't think I can use it directly from the packaging. The sponge applicator is the size of twenty cents, it takes forever to cover my face which is the size of a moon. 

Overall Impression

I really love the size of the products that allow me to try them out before committing to a full size. However, I find that the selection of products isn't the best. For example, the Powder was a disappointment and I don't find that it is practical to include in the set. 

The ones that I really enjoyed are the Cleansing Foam, The Reparative Skintint, The Moisturizing Lotion, Creme de la Mer & The Eye Balm Intense. I have ordered the Creme de la Mer and The Eye Balm Intense in full size, so I can't wait to continue using it. 

La Mer prides itself with the "Miracle Broth", which is their signature blend of ingredients that they use in majority of their skincare. Unless the product contains the Miracle Broth, the other products are pretty basic. Generally, they contain seaweeds, plankton, and other sea substances. If you know that you have an allergy to ocean products, then you should skip this. Also worth mentioning is that almost all of La Mer products contain fragrance. Do take note if you are also allergic to fragrance or alcohol. Otherwise, it is paraben-free. 

One key takeaway is that La Mer products can be very strong. I do not encourage younger skin to try it out. But then, the price isn't really meant for young consumers as well. 

This trial set is no longer available because it is the older La Mer version and it is travel exclusive sold at duty-free. Since we can't travel now, it is not viable to purchase them at the moment. 

I will continue to use some of the La Mer products and write a specific review on them soon. 


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