Friday, October 9, 2020

Tatcha - The Water Cream Review

You should concern about the quality of your skin hydration at all times. No matter your age or skin problems, well-hydrated skin will help you overcome your skin issues faster and more efficiently. That is why I’m constantly on the look for a good moisturizer. Here’s one which I can recommend right away - the Tatcha Water Cream. 

Brand: Tatcha
Product name: The Water Cream
Purchased from: Sephora
Price: RM300
Size: 50ml
Price break down: RM6/ml

Despite the name, the formula is not your typical cream. It is a watery gel form. I’m highlighting this to adjust your expectation as it is not actually ‘cream’ per se. Do try it out in the store if you mind about the texture of your moisturizer. 


I really love this moisturizer for nightwear. It does what it promises - to provide long-lasting hydration. And I have also recommended this to two of my friends and both of them were amazed by the efficacy of this product. You only need to apply consistently one week before sleeping and you will notice your skin turns bouncy and looks hydrated all the time. 


This jar cost RM300 for ml which holding it up to the luxury range standard. In my personal opinion, it is also very basic for that price. From the core branding of Tatcha, the product is meant to mimic the Japanese skincare ritual. It focuses more on the experience of the product (that is why the packaging comes with a gold plated scoop spoon) rather than the basic necessity. 

I would categorize the Water Cream as a nice-to-have rather than a product which you need right under your sleeve. Although it is a nice-to-have, you will be getting your money worth because the product itself works well on all skin types, therefore I'd still recommend it if it is within your comfortable price range. 


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