Saturday, January 30, 2021

Lipsticks That Won't Stain the Mask

While adapting to the new-norm of wearing a surgical mask every time we go out, I discover a new problem - I can't put on my usual favorite lipsticks that don't stain the mask. This problem has prompted me to search for good transfer-proof lipsticks and I have narrow it down to my top 3 favorites here. 

Generally, those matte liquid lipsticks are good to be worn under the masks. However, I did experience some that still transfer onto my mask. And liquid lipsticks are drying on my lips, hence it could be a hit or miss if you try out certain brands. 

I love these 3 lipsticks and been rotating the use quite often.

#1 Dior Lip Tattoo

On the top of my list is the Dior Lip Tattoo. I love it because it doesn’t feel like there’s any product on your lips. It gives that rosy hint on the lips. As the name suggests, it’s a lip tattoo, which means the color stays quite a while on the lips and you barely feel like it’s there. 

I highly recommend this as it is convenient to use and has 4 shades for you to choose from. The staying power is very long. As long as you don’t eat greasy food, your lips will look prep up. 

Tips: You may want to seep the lipstick with a tissue first before putting on your mask. The top layer of the lipstick does take some time to dry up. 

#2 Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 

The Rouge Allure Laque is Chanel's newest lip product. I think it was launched around October or November last year, however, this isn't Chanel's first liquid lipstick. The product claims that it is life-proof (not sure what that means exactly) and waterproof, and has a lasting power of 10 hours. I like that it has a satin/shiny finishing, unlike other liquid lipsticks that dry off matte. 

I got the shade in #72 Iconique. It is a true red with neither a blue nor orange base. The shade is practically suitable for all skintone. This range has 20+ colours that you can choose from, so you can definitely find a colour that suits you. 

#3 Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour

To be honest, this isn't my favourite lip product. However, it does what its best for - which is transfer-proof. Before I purchase the Dior Lip Tattoo and Chanel Rouge Allure Laque, I did reach out to this Stunna Lip Paint very often. 

What I love about it is the long-lasting wear. Although it is matte finished, the texture of the product is soft and fluffy, so it isn't dry on the lips. 

However, what I don't like about it is it stinks. As a caveat, Sephora might gave me an old stock, I didn't know and I didn't check it. I purchased this in May last year right after the lockdown was lifted. So I highly suspect the product is an old stock because it started to stink like a rotten egg around October. I don't think legitly, the product could go bad in the time frame of 5 months after opening it. I will need to purchase another one to experiment with it, just to be sure.

I couldn't do a demo on this Fenty Lip Paint due to the smell and I kept the packaging merely to take photos.

That's all for now. If I ever come across other lip products that worth mentioning while we're still stuck wearing mask all the time, I'll be sharing it with you right here. Stay safe. 


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