Monday, February 22, 2021

DIOR Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum

This is by far the most expensive skincare product that I've ever bought. Off the shelf, it is RM1380. That's a price tag above minimum wage in Malaysia. It is ridiculous! It is unnecessary! What a show-off! But yet, my irrational mind thinks I should get it. In my defense, I was presented with a good opportunity. My bff (his blog is Fishmeatdie, do show him some love), told me he has some Isetan vouchers and he could give it to me. So technically, I spent RM800+ on this serum. It is still a hefty price tag, but at least I got some value back. In any angle that I tried to present my case, behind my mind there is still a little whisper that says, I shouldn't have bought it. Anyway, we have come to this, so, I might as well make use of my experience with this luxury serum and share with you some thoughts. 

Brand: DIOR Prestige

Product Name: La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum

Purchase from: Dior Beauty counter/boutique

Price: RM1380

Size: 50ml

Price breakdown: RM27.60 / 1 ml

Off-track discussion... I will be removing the star rating and replace with the pentagon chart (below). I find it hard to decide on the star because some products are worth investing on its efficacy, but also, the price tag doesn't justify the purchase. As such, in this case of the La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum. 

Due to the mouthful of words of the product name, for the purpose of our discussion further, I will just call it as the DIOR Prestige Serum. That is because, it in the DIOR Prestige line, this is the only serum that is available. 

Left: Old formula; Right: New formula


  • Totally effective to revive tired skin. I used it in a week and my saggy skin looks plump and refreshed.
  • The rose scent is very soothing. It smells like fresh authentic rose, like the real flower scent, and not like perfume or syrup scent. 
  • Non-sticky and the texture is smooth on the skin. 


I think the disadvantage of this product is the price. It cost too much. To be fair, this product might not be the level of luxury that I can afford. It is one level higher. I'm okay paying RM600 for the regular Dior serum, however, the Dior Prestige is a different game. 

I happen to have 2 versions of the serum. One was the La Micro-Huile de Rose Serum and another one is the Advanced version. Comparatively, both are the same, however, I find the advanced version is more fluid (refer to the video above - the bottom one is the advanced formula). Currently, the original formula has been discontinued and you can only find the advanced formula from the Dior counter. I think both of them give the same efficacy. It isn't much different except for the texture of the product. 

Overall, I think if you can afford it, go ahead and have this even just a bottle. The speed it repairs the skin is extremely fast. What other product can achieve in a month, can be achieved by this serum in a week. 

I think I will continue to buy this, provide there are sales. I think it is good to have this and totally eliminate my usual facial package. 


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