Saturday, March 20, 2021

Trying Out New Brand: Huxley Beauty

Huxley Beauty isn't a new brand in the K-Beauty market. However, I just managed to receive some of the products to try out, courtesy of my friend, Eros. I have been seeing this brand everywhere, especially on the major Korean beauty online stores. This brand picks up its popularity some time end of the year 2019. 

The products that I have here are from the Secret of Sahara range, which focuses on hydration.

After I did some research, I found out that Huxley is safe for sensitive skin. Albeit, the ingredients do contain fragrance, they are mostly FDA approved (means it is safe for food & drug). It is the ultimate minimalist skincare as they use very minimal ingredients that packs a punch, also keeping the packaging as simple as possible. 

There is a rumour that flight attendants in South Korea swear by this brand to keep their skin hydrated in flight. 

Here's my very brief first impression of the brand.

[Step 1] Toner: Extract It

A refreshing toner, packed with Cactus Extract, that helps maintain the skin's tones, and smoothes the skin while leaving it fresh, clear, and hydrated. Over 90% naturally-derived ingredients.

The toner is the first product that I tried. My very first impression was - there got to be alcohol and fragrance in the perfume. I thought I could use this for a few days before my skin starts to irritate. However, a few nights later, my sensitive skin didn't react to the alcohol and fragrance. That is a major bonus point. As you can see, I've reached half of the bottle and I still continue using it. 

It has a fresh scent and the texture is light. It is non-sticky and my skin feels refreshed after using it. I use the toner with the square cotton pad. And I notice it picks up a lot of dirt that didn't manage to clean off from my regular cleansing.

[Step 2] Essence: Grab Water

A watery-gel essence infused with moisture-binding Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Cactus Extract, that soothes and floods skin with hydration while leaving the skin feeling soft, plump and refreshed.

The texture is a little goey, however, it dries off smoothly and doesn't leave any sticky feeling on the skin. I use this essence before I sleep and under my makeup. It does keeps the moisture level of the skin for a long period of time. I highly recommend this essence to those whole sleeps in airconditioning room at night. 

[Step 3] Cream: Fresh and More

A light, refreshing gel-cream that smoothes and plumps skin without heaviness or greasiness. Enriched with Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Cactus Extract, this cream works to bind water and hydration to the skin. 

Last year, my makeup artist friend, Kiki, introduced this moisturizer to me. You can read her other recommendations <<here>>. I super love the texture of this moisturizer because I can feel how compact the moisture it has. When I spread it on my skin, it conceals the essence over and provides maximum hydration. Sometimes I use this moisturizer on itself without the essence. Although it is not as effective as using it together with the essence, it still keeps the skin saturated and smooth. 


Overall, I think the Secret of Sahara range from Huxley is worth a try. To me, it delivers its promises and also maintaining the result very well. 

I have one reminder that you might experience a purge on the first few days of using it, where your skin may seems breaking out. That is pretty normal as the product withdraws the impurity from skin deep, causing some inflammation on the surface of the skin. 

It retails around RM150+ for each product. I can't tell the exact price of the product because these are given to me for free. For the price, I think it is reasonable. It isn't too expensive because it delivers results, which I think worth the price. 

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