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Top 10 Must-Buy Beauty Products When in Japan Year 2020

One of my 2020 bucket lists is to travel to Tokyo. Although I've been to Tokyo twice, I still eager to go to Tokyo again. Part of the excitement when travel to Japan is to discover their beauty products. Japanese have amazing products and with their high standard manufacturing practice, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality beauty products.

It isn't hard to look for the best beauty products to try. When you enter any drugstore in the city area, they have package the best-sellers beauty products in a bundle and they are very easy to spot. You'll understand what I mean if you've ever visited the Japanese drugstore. Otherwise, look for the Cosme 2019 sticker on the products - that means the product has won the Cosme Award (beauty award in Japan).

Here are my picks for Japanese beauty products to try in 2002:

1. Shiseido Integrated Air Feel Maker SPF 25 PA++

This is a color-corrector makeup base that is lightweight and doesn't leave sticky feeling. Japanese girls swore by this product during the summer. There are 3 base colors to choose from. The one I've tried is the mint green one which helps in uneven skin tone. You can purchase this online here.

2. Opera Lip Tint

The Opera Lip Tint is highly sought after because of its natural looking shades. There are plenty of shades to choose from and I highly recommend to choose the shades that suit your skin tone instead of going for the limited edition. In every season, they will release two limited edition shades, I find that totally unnecessary because the regular shades are enough. Besides, the tint works in a way that will change according to your lip color, so the color you see on the promo image might not be the exact color on your lips.

3. SUQQU Moisture Serum Cream

If you have extremely dehydrated skin, do try the SUQQU Moisture Serum Cream. It's a cross-texture between serum and cream. Apply it before you sleep and you'll see your skin fresh and hydrated the next day. You can find SUQQU brand counter at the luxury beauty product area, or purchase online here.

4. Utena Premium Puresa Mask

I think the Utena Premium Puresa Mask is available here in Malaysia but it’s always sold out. The mask is infused with royal jelly. The essence is a little goey and thick but the effects are immediate. You can see the result within one time usage. After each application, your skin will feel lifted and moisturized. You can also purchase online here.

5. Eisai Chocola BB Beauty Collagen

This is a consumable beauty product. The Chocola BB Beauty Collagen has 7 beauty ingredients such as collagen, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, and more to preserve beauty and youth from the inside. The collagen comes in a form of capsules so there is no smell and easy to take. All the Japanese girls love this product because it has high collagen content despite a pill and it is an effortless beauty routine. This product always sold out, so if you get hold of it, do buy one bottle to try.

6. Saborino Masks

I love the Saborino Masks. Although it is available in Malaysia, I still purchase a lot from Japan because the price is much cheaper (around RM45 per pack, whereas in Malaysia it's around RM59). There are also some limited edition types such as the Botanical, Strawberry Whitening range, fig extract, etc. that are not sold outside Japan. You can purchase online here. On top of my list, I also want to try the Saborino face powder and shampoo that are newly launched in Japan.

7. Love Liner Eyeliner

If you can choose only one eyeliner to use the rest of your life, make sure it is the Love Liner Eyeliner. Everything about this eyeliner is good - the brush delivers a precise line and the formula is waterproof and smudge-proof. It stays as it is throughout the whole day and if you sleep with it, it looks exactly the same the next morning. Despite long-lasting, it is relatively easy to wash off with makeup remover. There are many colors to choose from, but I always stick to the black one. Two thumbs up for this eyeliner! You can purchase online here.

8. Gudetama Megurhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask

I recommend this because of the cute factor. Everything about Gudetama is highly sought after in Japan. I love the generic Megurhythm eye mask, especially the lavender and chamomile ones. And I don't think that the Gudetama version is different, except the cure design on the mask. If you're a Gudetama fan, do get this. I'm not sure if it is still available, the last time I heard, it was sold out everywhere and eBay seller are selling this at rocket high prices.

9. Kanebo Evita Rose & Grape Foam Facial Wash

Japan is well-known for its cute inventions. The Kanebo Evita facial wash became an internet sensation in the beauty world because the bottle dispenses the product in a rose pattern. I have tried the original version and it isn't just a marketing gimmick. The facial wash is really good, it cleanses without leaving the skin dry or tight. I like the rose scent and extra special rose shape foam. If I go back to Japan, I would purchase the rose & grape version. This is also a nice souvenir for your girlfriends!

10. Lululun Sakura Mask

I love the Lululun masks and the sakura range is something I highly recommend. It is a periodical mask that only released in spring. This mask is so famous because of the limited pieces and also the sakura scent is really refreshing. This range is under the Premium category so it is pricey compared to the ordinary range.

Do you have your J-Beauty cult favourite? Do comment below so that I can check it out. 

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