Wednesday, November 13, 2019

LuLuLun Hokkaido Lavender Mask Review

If you've never tried the LuLuLun masks, it's about time. I purchased the Lululun Hokkaido Lavender from Japan. This scent falls under the Premium range which is only available in Japan. Otherwise, the generic range is available widely in most beauty department or drugstores.

Brand: LuLuLun

Product Name: Hokkaido Lavender Mask

Purchase from: Walmart, Skinstore, YesStyle

Price: Approximately RM35

Product Summary: Ultra-thick sheet that fits comfortably to your skin, Lotion permeates penetratingly on adult skin.



  • The package contains 7 sheets of masks. Unlike other masks which packaged individually, Kudos to this because we really need to support businesses that minimize packaging to save the environment. 
  • The lavender scent soothes immediately. It is a good mask to put on at night after a long tired day.
  • Above all, the mask itself is really effective. With just one application, you can feel your skin moisturized thoroughly. 
  • The masks are generous with the serum. It doesn't dry out even after half hour of application.
  • The price is pretty reasonable. In fact, it is cheaper than masks that are sold individually. Per sheet, it cost about RM5 only. 
  • The sheet is made of 100% cotton, so it doesn't wrinkle the skin even if it dries out when applying. The cotton also soaks up a lot of serum, giving maximum effectiveness.


  • It is not easily available in Malaysia. However, you can try Shopee or Lazada. 
  • The sheet mask is made for Japanese-sized face, so it is pretty small. If you have wide face, you might need to stretch out the cotton. It is not a major discomfort but it might be something to consider if you don't like tight fitting masks. 


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