Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Do You Actually Need A Beauty Fridge?

Now, here’s something we never thought we need and suddenly, it’s in everyone’s shopping cart on Amazon. I don’t think there’s a need to explain what a Beauty fridge is, it is pretty much self-explanatory. But, the question is... do we really need it?

A lot of people think that the Beauty Fridge is so unnecessary and it creates unhealthy consumerism because the more things you produce, the more carbon footprint that we are leaving. I love the environment, but I bought the fridge anyway. Here’s the justification I reasoned with myself to purchase one:

I have a lot of expensive skincare and they keep coming

Not to brag, but I do have a lot of expensive skincare. I don't purchase all of it with my own money. Some are given as PR samples. As a blogger, I have to try different products and new products are launched every season. In order to preserve some of the good products, I need to store it in a cool and dry place so I can reuse it later. This is when the beauty fridge is useful

I'm already using the kitchen fridge to store my beauty products

Currently, the little egg tray in my kitchen fridge stores my masks, jade roller, eye gel, and other skincare. The fridge door is constantly open and close and used by the entire family, so it isn't good for my beauty products because the temperature of the fridge is not stable. It's just not practical and hygienic when the beauty products shared the same storage as my leftover food, raw meat, vegetables, etc. Imagine having bacterias from the meat stuck to my jade roller and I proceed to use it on my face.

I use a lot of organic and natural beauty products that can't stand hot and humid weather

I love LUSH facial mask. They don't last long because the ingredients are natural and it is self-preserved. I also want the benefit of being able to stock up the LUSH products since I live in the jungle and it is not accessible to go to the city all the time.

My vanity area is hot

My dressing room gets the afternoon sun and it doesn't help when the vanity table is placed directly next to the wall that exposed to the sun. The interior planning was a flop, but I can't afford to do another renovation. The beauty fridge solves the entire problem of my storage. I don't have to move some of my beauty products to the kitchen fridge. And I'm able to have them all in one place, which also encourages me to use the products more.

I can repurpose the beauty fridge as a mini-fridge

I was thinking that if I don't like the beauty fridge after getting it, I could put it in my weekend home in Penang. Currently, the house doesn't have a fridge, because we don't need one. But it is nice to have a cooler for the beer and soft drinks. I know that the beauty fridge won't be a waste of money because there is alternative uses that I can plan with it.

The one that I purchased is from Frigid. I got interested after it was endorsed by Neelofa. The coral shade is so beautiful, unfortunately, sold out within a day.

Should you get one?

I really can't recommend nor discourage you from buying the beauty fridge. To me, it is a good purchase. It really depends on individual needs. But here are some other beauty fridges in the market that might suit your taste.

  1. Facetory, $99
  2. Cooluli, $42.99
  3. The Beauty Spy, $59.99
  4. Teami Blend Skincare Beauty Fridge, $119.99

FAQs on my Frigid fridge:

I shared my Frigid fridge experience on my IG story, and so many people asking me these questions:

  • How much it cost? - RM330 (excluding shipping)
  • Where did I purchase it? From Shopee, link <<here>>
  • What are the other functions of the fridge? It has a warm and cold feature. If you don't want the cool setting, you can switch it to warm mode as a sanitizer. It comes with a DC outlet where you can plug in the fridge in your car to bring it out for picnic or camping.
  • Do I recommend it? I'm not sure, but it does work well for me and I didn't regret getting it.

Let me know if you will be getting it? Or will you pass this?

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