Monday, November 11, 2019

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review

Looks like the pink hue eyeshadow is going to be the next big trend in makeup. Or is it already happening now? First, there was the Urban Decay Naked Cherry. And now, this - Huda Beauty Nude. On the first glance, it doesn't resemble the usual nude that we are accustomed for which is the skin tone browns. It has pink-peach tones which don't resemble the nude that we are familiar with. But according to Huda Kattan, this palette is a game-changer to all the nude palettes ever made. It embraces confidence and not the "naked nude".

Brand: Huda Beauty 

Product name: New Nude Palette

Purchase from: Sephora

Price: RM275

Product summary: A game-changing palette that reinvents nude with revolutionary textures and colours


Initially, I thought the pink tone eyeshadow palette is so overdone. For example, the peach palette was quite a good investment for me, and then I put it aside because I couldn't figure out how to use it on a daily look.

I bought this palette for the reason that the colors are extremely beautiful. From my previous Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, I have expressed that I didn't like the palette, but I am willing to give this palette a try because of its new formula.

One thing I notice from this new palette is that the mattes are less powdery and the glitters are more compact. These are the two noticable upgrades I see compared to the previous palettes.

There is a wet patch on the Secret swatch. It shows that you can use the wet technique as well on the matte eyeshadows.


  • The eyeshadow quality is extremely good. The matte shadows are easily blended and the glitters are creamy and rich. The color pay-off is totally is good.
  • The combination of colors, textures, and tones are well-thought of. The palette can create endless looks and they are mixed cohesively. 
  • There are some colors that you are able to use for a daily look. 
  • The paltte comes with a large mirror, which I know a lot of people would enjoy using. 


  • The first thing I didn't like about the palette is the concealer. I rather swap it with another darker brown eyeshadow to create a smokey look. I think everyone has their own personal favourite concealer. That additional concealer really doesn't serve any purpose. Besides, the palette has really rich glittered eyeshadow, I foresee that in the long run, the glitters are going to stick on the concealer. That is a basic common sense, I'm not sure why the Huda Beauty team thinks it is a good idea to include the concealer. 
  • The price is, of course, a debatable point. Some might think that it isn't expensive compared to other high-end brands. I am still going to say that this is a downside of the product because of the price, you'll get a lot of options in the market.
  • With the hefty price tag, the palette still comes with a cardboard box like the other palettes. I wish they could do an upgrade on the packaging. And speaking of packaging, I think I'm done with the Huda's eyes on the front (and basically everywhere) on the package. If they could feature some new artwork, that would be great. 


  • Use your fingers to pat on the glittered eyeshadow instead of using the brush. You'll get a lot of fall-out when using the brush and it is also lack of intensity. 
  • Use a wet brush for more intense color. 
  • This palette is one that you'll need to work on an eye primer, especially if you're going to use a lot of the glitters. 

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