Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Pat McGrath Labs Mini Mattetrance Skin Show Trio Review

Let me start this off by saying, you absolutely have to get this Pat McGrath Trio Minis if you love good lipsticks. And now, let's dive straight to the point why you should get it:

Brand: Pat McGrath Labs

Product Name: Mini Mattetrance Trio

Collection: Skin Show

Purchase from: Sephora

Price: RM112

Product Summary: A trio of lust-worthy mini lipsticks in Pat McGrath Labs' bestselling shades.



  • A full-size Pat McGrath's lipstick is RM170. That is for a single shade. With this minis, you get to try out 3 different shades for only RM112. It is a good buy if you want to try out different options before committing to one single shade. 
  • In terms of price per gram, it is still cheaper than buying the full-size. The standard one weighs 4g for RM170, equivalent to RM42.5/g. And the mini trios is 3.6g in total for RM112. That is RM31.1/g. 
  • The packaging is just stunning. It is sealed in a clear bag filled with gold sequins. It is something special that has never done by any other cosmetic brands before. You can upcycle the sequins for your craft projects. 
  • The texture is very soft, it glides on effortlessly for maximum coverage. See video for the swatch live. Usually, with matte lipsticks, you have to put on some pressure before you get the full coverage.
  • It doesn't dry out on the lips. I tried wearing it for 1 full day in the office, it doesn't crack or flake my lips. However, this might be subjective to different types of skin.
  • The combination of color is carefully thought of. In this range, the shades are mostly earth tones or darker nudes. The mix of color doesn't contrast too much, so if you're a dark nude shade fan, you'll enjoy every color in this set. It wouldn't be like - oh, I'll use two shades and I don't know what to do with another one
  • The size is also perfect for keeping in your purse or carrying it while traveling. If you want more lipstick options when traveling, you'll definitely love this.


  • It is not cruelty-free. We all know that we need to be kinder to the animals.
  • Not only it is not cruelty-free, but the packaging is also so dramatic that I don't think it is necessary. Consumers are going to discard the plastic packaging and sequins anyway. It is definitely not environmentally friendly. 

As much as I love this Pat McGrath's Mini MatteTrance, I have doubts on their business practices. I want my cosmetics to be cruelty-free and also take into account packaging that is environmentally friendly. I have no complaints on the quality and I think it is a good product to have. If you ever decide to buy this set, make sure to reuse the sequins. I am donating them to my local tailor who knows what to do with it. I urge you to do the same. This is why I'm removing one-star from its rating, otherwise it would have been a 5-star without a doubt.

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